quality assurance

In performing QA, SMC closely monitors those critical success factors that impact a project's cost, schedule, and performance.  SMC partners with the project staff and executive management to ensure project objectives are met. SMC collaborates in recommending process improvements and identification of critical risks.  For each risk identified, SMC recommends a solution. SMC serves as an independent and objective entity that monitors of project performance.  CAI works with the customers and other stakeholders to assure their business needs are effectively met by the work performed on the project.

Risk Management

Risks are inherent in any project. The degree to which risks impact the project or the organization is a direct reflection in the way they are managed. Risk response strategies are not free, they cost!  SMC will work in close collaboration with the project manager will and team members to understand the risk impacts,.calculate the cost of the risk mitigation activities, and budget a risk reserve in the event the contingency plan has to be implemented using expected monetary value (EMV)

stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholders can and have caused projects to be delayed, halted and even terminated. These impacts to the project not only causes the schedule to slip but increases the cost of the project. Success is enhanced when projects engage with stakeholders in ways that go beyond simple project status updates. Instead, the project needs to understand stakeholders’ values and interests.  Traditional stakeholder analysis methods do not provide an understanding of the root underpinnings that influence their values and interests. SMC will work in close collaboration with the project manager and the organizational management team to determine those causal influences, such as societal values and the economies that stakeholders live in that could affect the project's outcome in meeting its objectives.



Projects are the driver of change. The value proposition is determined by how well the project is managed. Not all projects are the same, especially, when the project work is unpredictable, uncertain, and complex.   As a result, the project management style needs to adapt in planning and execution. SMC will work in close collaboration with the project manager and team members to assure the management methods are capable of measuring performance against the plan to ensure the project objectives are met with the project's budget and schedule.

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